Cards designed by Kim L, a member of Nottinghamshire Badger Group

Cards to raise funds for Regional Campaign Groups
(See list below)

All sold out for this year!

  • Most of the Campaign groups (regional)
    (Please let me know if I have left anyone out)
  • Avon Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Cheshire Against the Cull (facebook)
  • Cornwall Against The Badger Culls (facebook)
  • Derbyshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Devon and Cornwall Against the Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Dorset Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare
  • Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting
  • Herts Against the Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Mendip Hunt Watch (facebook)
  • No Herefordshire Cull (facebook)
  • North Cotswold Against the Cull (facebook)
  • Oxfordshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Shropshire Wildlife Monitors (facebook)
  • Somerset Against the Badger Cull (facebook)
  • South Devon Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • South Yorkshire Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Staffordshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Warwickshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Wiltshire Against The Badger Cull (facebook)