Cards designed by Kim L, a member of Nottinghamshire Badger Group

Cards to raise funds for Regional Campaign Groups
(See list below)

Cards designed to raise funds for badger protectors in the cull zones. All profits will go to fund raising - you can choose which group.

I am selling them at £4 for eight cards. Plus postage.

Postage (UK) is: for 1 or 2 packs £1.50, for 3 or 4 packs £1.97, for 5 or 6 packs (becomes a small parcel £3.55).

Cards are good quality printing and A6 in size, blank inside for your own personal messages.

If you would like to buy some my PayPal account is here (click on link)

(The link doesn't work for a few people, if that is the case then please login to PayPal and send your payment to You will then need to forward me your delivery address by email. (

Please try to avoid the 'send to family and friends' option.

You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer. Please email me for details.

Please say which cull zone you would like funds to go to in the add note section when you place the order and I will make sure the funds get paid to the collective for that zone. Or if you have a specific group that you would like the funds to go to such as a wounded badger patrol group, please say.
If you would prefer 8 of just one design then please add a note.Thanks, Kim

Just to add I'm a member of Nottinghamshire Badger Group. My email address for enquiries about the cards is

  • Most of the Campaign groups (regional)
    (Please let me know if I have left anyone out)
  • Avon Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Cheshire Against the Cull (facebook)
  • Cornwall Against The Badger Culls (facebook)
  • Derbyshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Devon and Cornwall Against the Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Dorset Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare
  • Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting
  • Herts Against the Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Mendip Hunt Watch (facebook)
  • No Herefordshire Cull (facebook)
  • North Cotswold Against the Cull (facebook)
  • Oxfordshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Shropshire Wildlife Monitors (facebook)
  • Somerset Against the Badger Cull (facebook)
  • South Devon Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • South Yorkshire Against The Badger Cull (facebook)
  • Staffordshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Warwickshire Against The Cull (facebook)
  • Wiltshire Against The Badger Cull (facebook)