Badger / Badger Cub Rescue, Nottinghamshire.
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Adult Female Badger rescued in 2018.
Adult Female Badger rescued in 2018.
Nottinghamshire Badger Group received an email from a concerned member of the public who had seen a Badger in a hedge next to a footpath used by dog walkers. A team of four located the badger close to the hedge, captured the badger and it was then taken to the vets for a checkup.
The badger was found to be dehydrated and in need of food but otherwise healthy. She was still young - last year's cub.
She was kept in a comfortable, suitable and secure location for her to recover and be monitored until time for release back into the wild. The badger was very hungry when first rescued probably because the flooding had caused a shortage of food. Meanwhile the area where the badger was found is being searched for any other signs of badger activity. The area and the badger will be watched.

Female cub rescued in 2017
The female cub had been spotted by a man walking his dog at the side of a public footpath in a rural area.
She hadn't moved for two days but on close inspection was still breathing.
The cub was rescued as quickly as possible, made warm and dry and was fed. She soon recovered and regained her strength.

Cub rescued in 2015. At this stage he was foraging for himself. The cub was eventually introduced to other cubs at a rescue centre and they were released as a group into the wild.