Badger enquiries / reports tel: 07732050101
R.S.P.C.A. 0300 1234 999
You must stay with the injured animal until the R.S.P.C.A. arrives.
Enquiries/reports please email:

To contact Lincolnshire Badger Group directly for e.g. the reporting of Dead Badgers (such as Road Traffic casualties), live sightings of Badgers and their Setts, an injured or stranded badger or badger cub, through to matters such as planning and badgers in your garden in Lincolnshire please use the above email address or mobile number.

For your own safety, do not attempt to rescue an injured badger or one in difficulty yourself, even if it is a small cub. Always seek assistance as soon as possible.
Report Wildlife Crime in Lincolnshire

the illegal persecution of badgers or malicious damage to badger setts -
If offenders are present do NOT confront - call Police immediately on 999

Badger digging/baiting evidence that is historic that you stumble upon just take a few photos and os or gps or description of location and email to the police.
Report the Location

If you are stationary at the location of your sighting of a sett or a live or dead badger etc, mobile phone map applications - GPS references and also e.g are of course very useful if you are able to receive a signal. Allow the application or website to access/share your location, store this as a favourite on your device, this can then be emailed directly to the badger group along with other information describing the location. Alternatively describe the location as accurately as possible.
If you are driving in a rural location and it is either unsafe and/or inconvenient to stop but you have seen a dead badger at the side of the road, for example, report the sighting, making a note of the road name and/or A or B number of the road, the direction you are travelling in and a description of the location of the badger in relation to a landmark or place.