Urban Badgers in Nottinghamshire
A surprising number of badgers live in urban areas.
Here the group are waiting to be admitted to a building site where a tower block of flats were undergoing refurshment. A long established badger sett is located in the grounds of the building in an overgrown former garden area. The group spoke to the site manager who was only too keen to ensure that the badgers and their sett would not be disturbed. The badgers themselves have become well known to some residents in the local area who are happy with their presence. The site will continue to be monitored for any changes.

Urban badgers sometimes have to condend with a fair amount of rubbish and litter. A group member cleared glass from the area for the badgers' safety.

Badgers captured on a trail cam set up at the site.

A well worn badger highway at the site leading out under old railings.

Active sett entrance.